Irina Krasilnikova

Irina Krasilnikova
Director of NOFA Foundation

Irina Krasilnikova has wide experience of work in auditing. She is an honored auditor of the Russian Auditors’ Collegium.

Since 2011 Irina Krasilnikova is a member of Working Body of the Council for auditor activity by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

For active participation in work on recognition of International Accounting Standards to be applied in the territory of the Russian Federation Irina Krasilnikova was thanked officially by the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation.

1992-2002 - CEO of Ryazaudit

2000-2001 - Director of Audit of "BDO Rufaudit"

2001-2002 - Executive Director of Central territorial federal district of NFKA and the Moscow regional department of the Russian Auditors’ Collegium

2002-2005 - Executive Director of Committee on tax and budget policy of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Since 2003 - Director of the NOFA Foundation

Since 2010 - Director of the Autonomous Non-for-Profit Organization "United Commission for Attestation"

Irina Krasilnikova graduated from Higher Business School by the Ryazan Radiotechnical Academy and also Accountants’ Training Center of the State Committee for Statistics of the RSFSR. She has qualification certificates on auditing of stock exchange, non-budget foundations and investment institutions, insurance audit, bank audit.