12 March 2014

The NOFA Foundation – the co-organizer of a round table "Consolidation of professional activity in the accounting and audit area"

On March 12, 2014 a round table "Consolidation of professional activity in the accounting and audit area" was held in Moscow. Council for auditor activity, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the NOFA Foundation, the Moscow auditor chamber, Institute of professional accountants and auditors of Russia, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation became organizers of the round table. About 80 representatives of business community, the self-regulating organizations of auditors, professional associations of accountants, the organizations, federal executive authorities, scientific community took part in action.

Opening meeting, the director of the department of regulation of accounting, financial statements and auditor activity of the Ministry of Finance Leonid Shneidman stated key issues of discussion: the accountant and the auditor – one or two professions; what such consolidation will give to consumers and whether the professional community is ready to consolidation.

Participants of meeting stated various points of view on this matter. In particular, the partner of KPMG Kirill Altukhov who has presented the review of world experience on this issue, for example, noted that the German approach where professions of the auditor and the accountant exist separately is closer to him.

At the same time the chairman of the Management Board of the NOFA Foundation Igor Kozyrev is convinced that an essence of a profession of the auditor and the accountant – one. The expert reminded that, for example, he at first worked in KRU of the Ministry of Finance of RSFSR, as auditor, and from there went to accounting. From the point of view of business community the accountant and the auditor carry out one function – create solid and reliable financial data about business.

The board member of SRO "Moscow Auditor Chamber" Tatyana Lobova who supported Mr. Kozyrev believes that if the professional community will develop uniform standards for auditors and accountants, it will have a positive effect on national economy as a whole, and at the level of training of accountants it will promote independence of the accountant. According to her, professions have to have general attributes - educational standards, certification, professional ethics, self-regulating institutes.

It is planned to prepare suggestions on further development of a profession, including to modification of the legislation of the Russian Federation based on results of discussion.